The Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Penguin

3 Dec

The newest version of search engine algorithm Google Penguin was rolled out by Google in April this year. The goal of the update is to decrease websites and webpages that use black-hat SEO techniques ranking unlike the earlier updates. In order to enable more people to be able to find what they are looking for without going through hundreds and thousands of results Google introduced this updates.

How Does It Affect Web Businesses?

Google gives different page ranks to different websites. The frequency of appearing on the search results is determined by this page rank IF the search keyword used by the user is related. Website owners can “manipulate” the results by the correct use of various SEO techniques in order to earn a higher page rank and appear on the first page. Users of black hat techniques such as cloaking and keyword stuffing are going to be penalized by being given lower page ranking by the introduced update Google Penguin update. Lower page ranking is a disadvantageous position but to avoid being affected by this recently introduced update use of SEO techniques allowed by Google should be encouraged.

The Advantages of Google Penguin

For website owners that do not make use of black-hat SEO techniques, and instead, use legit SEO techniques that are allowed by Google, this update is advantageous. This ensures that these websites appear on top pages of search results and increase their page rank attracting more customers in the process.

Customers who depend entirely on the internet to look for websites which offer particular services or items they are looking for find this update to be advantageous. Avoiding spammy websites in the process, finding more reliable websites and allowing customers to find websites that are capable of providing them with services or items they are looking for is what the update offers.

The Disadvantages of Google Penguin

Small businesses are being placed effectively out of business by this recent update. To put up with larger, established businesses the small businesses rely on SEO techniques and this has placed them at a disadvantage with this updates. The introduction of Google Penguin updates penalizes them for using SEO techniques by giving them lower priority on search results. This makes them to lose profits and traffic.

Larger companies are prioritized over smaller ones by the update according to the small owners. Larger companies do not have to resort to SEO techniques to promote themselves. They use expensive, non SEO techniques which small businesses cannot access. To give small businesses a chance to fight against larger companies small business people believe that the update should be reviewed as it is truly unfair. To make Google reconsider this update, a petition has been stated.

Final Words for Google Penguin

The advantages and disadvantages presented by the update is in equal shares. However Google should still take into consideration the pleas of the many small companies and large ones who are dependent on the use of SEO techniques. An update that is not only beneficial for large companies but also small companies is what Google should consider putting on. This will ensure that there is fairness for both large companies and small companies hence competing on level ground

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