Internet Marketing Is Not Just About SEO

3 Dec

People will always tell you about search engines and page ranks when you ask them about SEO. This is because the abbreviation SEO stands for search engine optimization. This can be compared to telling kids that being good entitles one to a reward and being bad entitles one to a punishment.  When learning about a concept without fully understanding and questioning the limitations and possibilities one may end up thinking that the concept stands for a single meaning which is absolute. There is a long list of other effective options that can help one to generate online traffic which are given by internet marketing training gurus such as the ones that are listed below.

Email Marketing. Traditionally emails were the means of customer’s communication. Marketers have forgotten how powerful this tool was and still is because of the introduction of live chat and free online phone services. Communication happens during real-time apart from the chance to personalize your messages. You don’t have to pay for high overhead costs because it is also easy to manage on your own. For websites that are promoting a small business or starting a new one online, it is a practical option.

Go with Multimedia. Videos and voice recording are now easy to include on your sites and posts unlike before. In explaining the useful things offered by your website that are related to the contents posted you can use a video of yourself instead of simple images. On specific places in your site that visitors visit the more, you could have webinars or interviews recordings.This will allow others to share your uploaded videos or podcasts to their own page and also offers you a better opportunity of conveying a complete message.

Social Networking Sites. More than 20 percent of all global traffic are driven by these sites. They are known for being reliable and safe. You are definitely missing out on internet marketing opportunities if you are thinking that social media was only designed to promote socialization. Online Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming effective tools in the internet marketing race since their massive rise. Social media sites are now perceived as the future of online marketing because of their popularity and the rich pool of potential clients not to forget the mentioning of customer-specific advertising features.

 Old School Is Still The Best Way To Go. Most of us who can’t afford to invest or just simply don’t understand how things work are left with the most basic form of online content – texts because of the new marketing tools that are coming out. People should not underestimate written content in the form of articles and simple blog posts. A simple blog post is still capable of drawing thousands of unique views every month when they are backed up with really good quality and accurate research. It is important to keep visitors pinned with high quality articles and the use of all the other stuff to attract visitors. 

It is totally wrong to rely solely on search engines to drive traffic. It is definitely a better idea for you to try and experiment by using other forms of content to draw traffic into your site so as to promote pure high quality content if you can afford to spend money and time.


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